PETER APOSTLE OF JESUS CHRIST Acts Chapter 12 verses 1-24 – God preserves Peter from Execution


Acts Chapter 12 verses 1-24 – God preserves Peter from Execution

In Year 41 of the Common Era Herod Agrippa was appointed king to rule the Roman Province of Judea. In order to preserve his favour with the Roman Emperor it was important for him to keep the Jews happy. So first James was killed, then Peter arrested.

Verses 1-5

It seems that Herod’s plan was to make for the Jews a public spectacle in Jerusalem of the trial and execution. However God had other plans for Peter. Read on.

Verses 6-11

After his miraculous rescue by the angel, Peter made his way to where a prayer meeting was being held in the house of John Mark. There he left a message for James, the brother of Jesus, and other leaders; then went quickly into hiding for both their safety and his.

Verses 12-17

Peter’s escape angered the king; his plan was spoilt. So he went back down to his residence at Caesarea. [It was a port town with a great artificial harbour that Herod the Great, his grandfather had built, and named Caesarea in honour of Caesar (khe-sar), the Roman Emperor]

Verses 18,19

In the end it was Agrippa who died, not Peter; it was an unpleasant death as punishment for his pride. But Peter was preserved, and God’s plans for the spread of the good news continued.

Verses 20-24




The rest of the Book of Acts tells how the word pf God reached Crete, Asia Minor and then Europe. Peter remained in Judea at first, and it was the converted Pharisee Saul, later called Paul, who was appointed by God as main apostle to the Non-Jews. You can read in v.25 and Chapter 13:1-3 about the beginning of this work in which Barnabas, John Mark, Dr Luke and others would also be involved.