The Acts of the Apostles – Acts 22:22-30 མཛད་པ། 22:22-30

(མཛད་པ། 22:22-30)

Acts 22.22-30 w B


Up to this word they listened to him. Then they raised their voices and said, “Away with such a fellow from the earth! For he should not be allowed to live.” And as they were shouting and throwing off their cloaks and flinging dust into the air, the tribune ordered him to be brought into the barracks, saying that he should be examined by flogging, to find out why they were shouting against him like this. But when they had stretched him out for the whips,  Paul said to the centurion who was standing by, “Is it lawful for you to flog a man who is a Roman citizen and uncondemned?” When the centurion heard this, he went to the tribune and said to him, “What are you about to do? For this man is a Roman citizen.” So the tribune came and said to him, “Tell me, are you a Roman citizen?” And he said, “Yes.” The tribune answered, “I bought this citizenship for a large sum.” Paul said, “But I am a citizen by birth.” So those who were about to examine him withdrew from him immediately, and the tribune also was afraid, for he realized that Paul was a Roman citizen and that he had bound him.

But on the next day, desiring to know the real reason why he was being accused by the Jews, he unbound him and commanded the chief priests and all the council to meet, and he brought Paul down and set him before them. (Acts 22:22-30)


Having been tied down for a severe horse-whipping, Paul has waited until now to tell the Roman soldiers that he belongs to a family possessing Roman citizenship.

And because that was just like him being a Party member (gungkhran tangyon), for them to have treated him like this strikes fear into them.

Paul is not flogged, but will be kept under arrest and given his right to a proper trial as a Roman citizen.