Tibetan Script Gospel Meditation – Mark

Mark - 001 w B


 As for the scripture-of-purity (distinguishing ‘scripture’ from the same word meaning ‘Buddha teachings’) of Yeshu religion, it is the YaWe-God-given-to-all-men word of purity. The two principal sections of the scripture-of-purity, it is these: the one called the old contract, the other the new contract. Within the new contract there are four life-stories of Teacher Yeshu. These are the gospel written by Matthew; that written by Mark; Luke’s gospel; and John’s. Of these the one written by Mark is the shortest. However for easy reading YaWe-God’s path of salvation is clearly taught. This Mark, through the instrument of the Holy Spirit for being a servant of representation of Teacher Yeshu, wrote his gospel about 60AD. At the time of first writing he wrote in Greek, and after that it was changed into various languages. The whole pure Christian scripture has been translated into various languages.

 When you read this good news written by Mark, may YaWe God bless you.

                                                                                                                        From the translators.

pix sample 028“According to Mark”,

is the title given in the Bible for the story of Yeshu Mashiga written by the man called Mark.

It has been divided into 16 chapters, which are in turn divided into verses.

The first verse of Chapter 1 we shall indicate like this, Mark 1:1.

You, respected reader, may turn to any chapter and verse as you choose; and you may also turn to Yeshu’s story as told by other gospel-writers. See www.gsungrab.org.Bible books.

But if you start here, read on for the heading that Mark himself gave to the story. Notice that he did not give his own name.

Why was this? It was not safe; it was because he might be arrested.

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