Tibetan Script Gospel Meditation – Mark 9:14-19

Mark 9.14-19 w B

Mark 9:14-19

And when they came to the disciples, they saw a great crowd around them, and scribes arguing with them. And immediately all the crowd, when they saw him, were greatly amazed and ran up to him and greeted him. And he asked them, “What are you arguing about with them?” And someone from the crowd answered him, “Teacher, I brought my son to you, for he has a spirit that makes him mute. And whenever it seizes him, it throws him down, and he foams and grinds his teeth and becomes rigid. So I asked your disciples to cast it out, and they were not able.” And he answered them, “O faithless generation, how long am I to be with you? How long am I to bear with you? Bring him to me.” 

When Yeshu said, ‘You faithless generation!’, of whom did he speak? was it the disciples because they were unable to cast out the demon? or was it the father of the boy? Perhaps the critical attitude of the scribes had affected everyone, both the father and the crowd and the disciples.

You may be able to decide the answer if you read on.