Tibetan Script Gospel Meditation – Mark 9:49

Mark 9.49 w B

Mark 9:49

[ Jesus said ]  “For everyone will be salted with fire.”

Let’s find whether we can understand what Yeshu’s words might have meant to Jewish people:

When worshippers came to the Jewish gompa to make wheat-barley display offerings to the Lord God, the food had first to be salted, and then it was burned on the display altar, where the smoke of it rose up.

Yeshu seems to be saying that the disciples’ lives must be offered to God like a food offering.

As for the meaning of salt, in order to be pleasing to God their offered lives must be salty. God requires them to be right-minded towards Him, and He in turn will bless them. The salt is a sign that we agree to His contract with us.

As for the meaning of fire, it would suggest that to offer oneself to God as a disciple might be painful.

May Yeshu Himself by His Holy Spirit teach our hearts the meaning of these words.


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